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Travis L. Palmer, SAMS® AMS®, ABYC
Principal Marine Surveyor

Cell: 410-739-7097

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Schedule a Survey

Step 1: When you call Corsica River Marine Surveys ask for Travis (410-739-7097). We will then begin discussing your needs, pricing (also listed on website), desired survey date and how to schedule.

Step 2: To stream line the process we like to put all parties involved in an email chain (all parties include the surveyor, yacht brokers, buyers) stating that you have hired Travis with Corsica Surveys and would like to set up a survey date. This allows all parties to communicate at once instead of calling multiple people to relay messages. This also allows everyone to be informed on the fly if something in the survey schedule changes like rescheduling due to bad weather or if a person involved cannot make the survey date.

The selling yacht broker or private seller will need to assist in scheduling a “haul out” or “haul in” of the vessel to allow us to properly inspect the hull bottom. Scheduling this step is very important because all parties involved are usually at the mercy of the hauling marinas time schedule. The Yacht Brokers are usually in charge of this step. If this is a private sale then the buyer will need to schedule a haul most of the time. If this is a trailer able boat then we just meet at the boat ramp to inspect and survey and then go in the water after the hull inspection is done to finish the survey.

Sending an email chain is the buyer’s responsibility we get numerous calls a day from people looking to schedule a survey. By sending an email chain you have proven you are dedicated to getting a survey done and not wasting everyone’s time. If an email chain is not sent we will not put the survey in our books.

Step 3: Once the survey date and haul are scheduled we are cleared to proceed to survey day

Survey Day

-Everyone meets on location around 9:00am or 9:30. We head to the boat and begin the survey.

-Around 10:30 or 11am we should begin heading to the haul out facility.

-Once in the lift well the vessel will be hauled out and power washed. After the vessel bottom is clean we then begin our hull and running gear inspection. This will take about 1-2 hours depending on the size of the vessel and how fast the marina is

-Once back in the water we will head to the sea trial and test the vessels propulsion system, trim tabs, electronics, autopilot etc. This should take about 30mins to 1 hour

-We will finish back in the slip to test onboard systems and AC/DC power

-We should finish the survey by 2pm if everything goes to plan

-Report is furnished the following night by 9pm. It will be sent via secure PDF to the buyers email address. It can be forwarded to whomever party needs it from there

*The inspection will be much more in depth than what was listed. This is a general outline of our day.

Corsica River Marine Surveys