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Winterizing A Carbureted Marine Engine (Easy Way)

Supplies Needed – Total Cost: $89.00 – $124.00
DIY Winterizing Kit DIY kit $25.00-$40.00
Fogging Spray Fogging Oil $4.00
Outdrive Muffs Outdrive Muffs $6.00
Fuel Stabilizer Fuel Stabilizer $4.00
5 Gallons -100F Marine Antifreeze Marine Antifreeze $40.00 – $60.00
Duct Tape Duct Tape $10.00



Steps to Success
Step 1 Hook up engine outdrive muffs on lower outdrive water intake.
Step 2 Hook up DIY engine winterization kit to outdrive (see directions with kit).

Add 5 gallons of antifreeze to DIY container. Place container on back of vessel in a position above the outdrive. (See pic at top of page).


Step 3 With T-valve closed on engine winterization kit turn on the garden hose to run water to the engine muffs.
Step 4 Run engine until specified operating temperature is reached (160-180*F).
Step 5 While engine is running switch over the T-fitting to allow the antifreeze to circulate throughout the block. Run all 5 gallons of antifreeze throughout the engine block.
Step 6 Before all the antifreeze runs out remove engine flame arrestor and spray fogging oil into the intake. Spray until the engine chokes out or until engine boggs down. Spray majority of the can in there and then shut off the engine. Your engine is now winterized and your cylinders now coated with anti-corrosive material.
Step 7 Fill fuel tank until full then add fuel stabilizer to fuel tank.
Step 8 Remove battery from vessel and store in a cool dry place.
Step 9 Duct tape and totally cover outdrive prop end circle to seal out water from sitting around the bolts and rusting internals. Make sure outdrive is trimmed all the way down to protect stainless hydraulic arms.